Most people would say every day is bacon day. Well, it just so happens, Friday, December 30, 2022 is "Bacon Day."

Where in Grand Junction, Colorado does one go to celebrate this most awesome of holidays?  I asked you to tell me where one can find the best bacon in the Grand Junction area. This is what you had to say.

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Time To Celebrate 'Bacon Day'

Right smack in between Christmas and New Year's is the day during which we celebrate bacon. According to Holiday Insights, Bacon Day is always observed on December 30.

Didn't We Already Celebrate Bacon Day Earlier This Year?

Now hold on a minute. Don't confuse Bacon Day with "International Bacon Day." Why the distinction? Holiday Insights states, "It appears that these two holidays evolved separately. Two separate groups of individuals claim responsibility for the creation of these days. However, no specific names have been identified."

Isn't This A Little Out Of Control?

A history fanatic friend of mine once told me one of the major factors leading to the fall of the Roman Empire involved the ridiculous number of national holidays. According to the Los Angeles Times:

By AD 165, the number of festival days, imperial birthdays and other labor-optional days reached 135. Emperor Marcus Aurelius tried to stop vacation inflation, but it was a doomed endeavor. In time, the runaway holiday calendar rose to 177 days of leisure.

Do We Get To Take The Day Off?

I asked my boss. She said "No."

What Are We Going To Do About This?

Put simply, your objective is to eat bacon. Lots of it. You are to consume bacon for breakfast, 2nd breakfast or whatever it is Hobbits do, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks,

Popular Selections In Grand Junction, Colorado

I've had two friends tell me the best bacon in Western Colorado can be found at Pufferbelly. I have yet to try it. I used to really enjoy the bacon at Lois' Place. I'm not sure if they're using the same bacon or not at Sunrise Restaurant. The bacon at Cafe Sol is really good.

Since most of us can't afford to hit every restaurant in town, the proper thing to do is engage in a little investigative reporting, more commonly known as "ask on social media." That's exactly what I did. According to you, these are the best places for bacon in the Grand Junction area.

This is Where You'll Find Grand Junction's Best Bacon

Grand Junction, Colorado loves bacon. It's that simple. Why? It tastes good. I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best bacon in Grand Junction." This is what you had to say:

These are the Best Places for Chicken Tenders in Grand Junction

A plate full of tasty chicken tenders can sure hit the spot. You don't have to be 4-years-old to enjoy them, but parents love seeing this favorite on any menu. We asked you which places in Grand Junction have great chicken tenders. Grab your favorite dipping sauce and check out clucking great list:

These Places Have the Best Onion Rings in Grand Junction, Colorado

Onion rings got their start in Europe. In fact, many believe they first appeared in a cookbook in 1802 titled, "The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined" by author John Mollard. Almost 220 years later, onion rings are still going strong. Scroll on to find out the best ones here in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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