Ghost walks in the fall are a great way to get a fun history lesson about Grand Junction and the surrounding areas. During tours like these, you'll wander past some of the oldest buildings in Grand Junction. On the right night, you may even encounter a few ghosts.

Is there a building in Grand Junction, Fruita, or Clifton that gives you the creeps when you walk past? Maybe you have encountered a ghost yourself someplace in town? It's time to tell us about it.

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Grand Junction's Haunted Locations

Like many towns that got started in the late 1800s, Grand Junction has been around for a long time. Many of the haunted locations we will be talking about below are in some of Grand Junction's oldest sections of town. Haunted places don't have to be downtown though. They can be out in the desert or at higher elevations like the Grand Mesa.

Haunted Locations in Mesa County, Colorado

We can't forget about the sites outside of town. Shoutout to Steven & Kiana Wells for mentioning the old schoolhouse over in Loma. Zack Hughes reminded us of the unmarked burial ground over at the Teller Institute/Grand Junction Regional Center site. Can you help us find a few more?

Places We All Think are Haunted in Grand Junction

Another place that usually gets a quick mention is near the Colorado River. Grand Junction's 5th Street Bridge has been the site of more than one tragedy. It's the alleged site of the 1975 murder of Denise Lynn Oliverson by serial killer Ted Bundy. Scroll on to see all the ones you shared with us so far.

You Told Us These Grand Junction Locations are Haunted

This is the season for ghost walks, a trip to the corn maze, and maybe a haunted house or two. Grand Junction, Colorado was founded in 1882. Like any community that dates back this far, a few of the locations in the area are bound to have a creepy reputation.

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