For most people, the Thanksgiving Day meal is a tradition, but that doesn't mean everybody is eating at home and there are many places to go in Grand Junction to enjoy a meal on Thanksgiving.

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People Really Do Go Out On Thanksgiving

I used to think people were crazy were going out for Thanksgiving Meal, but in recent years I've completely changed my way of thinking. I've become one of them. As much as might enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal - minus the stuffing, green bean casserole, and cranberries - there's something to be said for going out.

Thanksgiving Is Hard Work

Preparing a Thanksgiving Day meal is no simple chore. It's hard work, it's time-consuming, and that says nothing about the clean-up before and after the meal. I am in complete understanding of anyone who would rather not spend an entire day in the kitchen doing all of that cooking, baking, serving, and cleaning up. I know some may really enjoy the challenge of creating a fantastic meal for their family, but not everyone feels the same way.

For anyone who’s looking for a good Thanksgiving Day meal but doesn't want to tackle the cooking and the cleanup, here’s a list of places in Grand Junction where you can eat on Thanksgiving Day. If you can't afford a meal or need one delivered, there are a couple of options below.

Grand Junction Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Meals

If you prefer to let someone else do the cooking this Thanksgiving, here are a few of the places in town that will be serving hot meals on the holiday. Who says you have to have turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving?

After the Holiday, Try These Grand Junction Restaurants For Big Portions

If you're hungry and are looking for a big meal in Grand Junction here is where you should go:

A List of Missed Long Gone Grand Junction Bars + Restaurants

Here's a list of long gone Grand Junction bars and restaurants that are missed. Grand Junction will never forget these bars and restaurants that are long gone.

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