The Holiday season can be glorious for some and a struggle for others. Many people have families to go to visit, some don't. Basically what I'm saying is, not everyone enjoys this festive season.

Its the little victories that count these days of high gas prices and inflation. We posted on Facebook the question, "TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD THAT HAPPENED TO YOU TODAY. (NO MATTER HOW SMALL IT MAY SEEM)

Here's what you, our listeners came up with...

Debby Ridgway - Sat outside for about an hour with a beer and enjoyed the view!

Debbie also sent us the view. So Jealous Deb.

Debs view
Debs view
Her view of the San Juans

Evelyn A. Roper - New guitar student ( 10 years old) I can tell he's going to be good.

Lauren Noonan-Brown - My moms sugars were under 100!!! This is huge as we have been battling it since her treatment started for brain cancer

Tanya J Narramore - I got to operate the loader all day! Lots of fun.

Sherri Evans - I had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time!

Lori Love - I put Christmas music in the CD player this morning. 

Carlos Funes - Went to the eye doctor picked up my glasses I’ve been waiting for forever and they ended up giving me a set of lenses for free

Mark Rackay - I woke up

Ted Baskin - I avoided a deer darting out on the road

Stacey Deon - My brother was accidently shot in a handgun accident and after 3 weeks in the hospital, he's finally coming home just in time for Christmas.

Shawn Leffel - Every year we invite friends over for Christmas eve. This year, everyone we invited, is coming.

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