I know I'm not breaking any new ground right now, but I'd like to complain about the price of gas, today. Perhaps it's the absurd amount of time that I spend driving around the Western Slope, but gas out here is really draining my bank account. Not to mince words, but I'm kind of sick of it.

I'm not alone, by the way. As a matter of fact, if a recent report is to be believed, just about everybody in Colorado has cause to complain about the price of gas in our state. That's because we're paying more for gas in Colorado than the national average.

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That's right, we're getting taken for an extra 33 cents on gasoline, here in the Centennial State - that's how much more our $3.83 per gallon average for Colorado is than the national average. Much of this additional cost is currently being blamed on a closed refinery that accounted for 112 thousand barrels of gasoline per day, so it's not all greed. Still, considering driving just about anywhere in Colorado tends to resemble an ad for "Truck Month," a not-insignificant amount of that extra cost is undeniably our fault, and don't even get me started on those idiotic exhaust modifications we seem to love.

It looks like the closed refinery is poised to be back to work by the early spring, so that should alleviate some of the overages. However, I think what I'm trying to say is this, there's a reason that "blowing smoke" is considered an insult, so quit blowing smoke on Colorado roads, because I'm sick of paying more at the pump because you want to be a jerk. Happy Monday.

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