One of the most iconic houses in Grand Junction, Colorado is on the market, and the price has been slashed significantly. Chances are you're familiar with this home. Take a look.

There can be no doubt you've seen this stone house just off the corner of 27 Road and Highway 50 on Orchard Mesa. It was originally priced just below the $1 million mark. The price has been cut, and the savings could be yours!

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Everyone Talks About This Grand Junction Colorado Home

Sooner or later everyone asks the question, "What's up with that stone house on Orchard Mesa?" It sticks out like a sore thumb. In recent years it has become harder to spot due to the thick shrubbery planted around the yard's perimeter.

History On This Grand Junction Colorado House

According to, this home at 2702 B 1/2 Road was built in 1908. You'll immediately notice the amazing stonework.

The Word Is Out

This property first appeared on in May 2022. Within a matter of minutes, word of its sale blew up on social media. One Facebook commenter stated, "I hope they don't screw it up."

Specs On The House

This house really is magnificent. According to, the property features:

  • 5 bedroom
  • 3.5 bath
  • 5,235 square feet
  • 1.18-acre lot
  • 6 car garage
  • large outbuilding
  • 5 fireplaces
  • 2 kitchens (one in the basement)
  • High-pressure central air

How Much?

This home at 2702 B 1/2 Road was originally listed at $995,000. The price has since been cut to $899,900. According to the monthly mortgage estimator at, that breaks down to a monthly payment of $5,559. That's the better part of a %10 price reduction. Okay, so it's a 9.558% reduction. When was the last time you heard of real estate getting cheaper in Grand Junction?

What Is This, a Realty Site?

Someone once commented on our social media page, "What is this, a realty site?" Not at all. From time to time the crew at the studio spot a unique, fascinating piece of real estate which may be of interest to the public.

I am not a realtor, am not affiliated with the listing agent or any other realtors, and have no interest in this property. Put simply, this awesome house caught my eye at, and I couldn't help but think you might be interested as well.

Famous Grand Junction Colorado Stone House On Orchard Mesa For Sale

You've probably driven past this house thousands of times. Are you familiar with the well-known stone house just off the corner of 27 Road and Highway 50 on Orchard Mesa. Well, it's for sale for just under one million dollars. Take a quick tour.

The Least Expensive House For Sale Right Now In Colorado - August 2023

Are you searching for a home in Colorado? How does a two-bed, one-bath house on a 7,841 square foot lot, all for the price of $34,900 sound?

Crunch the numbers, and you'll find the monthly mortgage payment on this home comes in at $244 per month. The price of this unit has been dropped $5,000, so now is the time to buy. Take a quick tour of this Boone, Colorado home.

This 40 Acre Lot In Western Colorado Costs Just Over $1,000 Per Acre

Are you searching for land in Western Colorado? This 40-acre lot near the Grand Junction Regional Airport is on the market for $49,000. Located near the Bookcliffs north of Grand Junction, it is most definitely "off the grid."

The property is near excellent hikes, a couple of shooting ranges, and a couple of historic mines. If you're looking to acquire property, this may be worth considering.

When it comes to land in the Grand Junction area, in many cases, you're looking at $149,000 for a 0.25 acre lot. The property below is 40 acres priced at $49,000, or just over $1,000 an acre.

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