Grand Junction is not what most people would call a big city, but sometimes it feels like we have big-city traffic - especially if you are driving home from work at 5:00 on Patterson, North, or Highway 6 & 50. With that volume of traffic, there's gonna be accidents.

How Many Accidents Happen In Grand Junction?

According to data released by the Grand Junction Police Department, just in the last two weeks, there have been no less than 37 traffic collisions in Grand Junction. Eight of those accidents involved injuries. In February, GJPD reported at least 87 traffic accidents. That would explain why you see parking lots across the Grand Valley that are filled with dented vehicles.

What's the Cause of These Accidents?

From what I've observed I would say there are two primary types of accidents. People get rear-ended all the time because the driver behind them is probably following too close - and is not really paying attention. The other type of common accident is at an intersection where somebody makes a left turn in front of an approaching vehicle, or somebody goes through a red light and collides with some unsuspecting soul who had the green light.

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What Makes  A Grand Junction Intersection Dangerous?

Intersections can be dangerous and prone to accidents for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are poorly constructed and designed, or they may have elements that are confusing to motorists. Some intersections are dangerous because of the high volume of traffic. Sometimes intersections are dangerous simply because of the presence of knuckleheads who somehow think standard traffic laws do not apply to them.

Intersections In Grand Junction With the Most Accidents

Based upon their own experience as well as information from various sources, the law office of Rick Wagner has compiled a list of the six most dangerous intersections in Grand Junction. Scroll on for a closer look at these intersections that are known for accidents.

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