You may recall that we've asked once before if Colorado was the smartest state in the United States. Unfortunately, the answer to that question was, "no." However, now that it's been a little more than a month since we asked if Colorado was the smartest state, we thought it might be worth it to examine the opposite. So, we ask: is Colorado the dumbest state in the union this year?

We checked back in with the folks over at World Population Review to see if we could find an answer. Shocking absolutely no one, we were able to determine that Colorado remains aggressively average when it comes to intelligence. We are not the dumbest, and we aren't even close. However, we aren't exactly close to being the smartest, either.

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Nope, Colorado remains happily in the upper-middle of these kinds of lists, putting us in the esteemed company of the likes of Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin and Virginia. Who's the dumbest, you might ask? Well, that's a title that belongs to the great state of New Mexico.

If you're curious, this list was based on average IQ scores in each state, so New Mexico locked down the title with their average IQ score of 95. They only narrowly lost it to Louisiana by 0.2 points, with only a 0.8 deficit to Mississippi. With the average IQ of Colorado at about 101.1, we've a healthy lead that should keep us from wearing the dunce cap for a few more years, at least.

We might not be the smartest here in Colorado, but we clearly aren't the dumbest, either. I don't know about you, but middle of the pack is where I like to be. Nobody has any expectations for the average, so let's embrace it and enjoy the knowledge that we don't have to try that hard.

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