Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie and there are so many that to watch them all, you have to start in Nov. Unless you only have two or three somehow.  

Utah is known for its great scenery and with some of the world's greatest snow, it's no wonder that directors choose Utah for Christmas movies and snowy backdrops. Some of Hallmark’s cheesiest holiday movies have been filmed in the state but, there is one movie that isn’t in that category that tops them all.  

Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  

Now, this movie wasn’t exclusively filmed in Utah but one of its most iconic scenes was. Those snowy mountains that the Grinch lives on? Yeah, that’s in Utah. When the Grinch is going through a moral crisis, the moment when his heart literally grows, that was filmed right here in the Beehive state.  

Solitude Mountain Resort is the location for that scene and if you check out the website, you can see some resemblance from the film.  

Not only is the film iconic but it's just good and a perfect way to get into the Christmas feel. Don’t worry, you can start your Christmas movie list AFTER Thanksgiving.  

Some other holiday films that are coming out this year include Best. Christmas. Ever. This one will be released on Netflix on Nov.16 and was filmed in Payson, UT.  

You can also look forward to Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up coming a little later this month on Nov. 25 to Hallmark. There are no specific filming locations, IMDB just says Utah but hey, that is still cool.  

So, it’s a good time to start thinking of all the Christmas movies you want to watch this year and prepare to see some familiar spots in them. Good luck with your Christmas movie-thon! 

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