The temperatures in Utah are getting colder and that means that plant and lawn care changes. 

It’s normal to want an immaculate-looking yard and get into the routine during the Spring and Summer seasons. However, you can easily damage or kill your lawn if you aren’t taking proper steps to winterize your plants.  

So, when do you start winterizing your lawn in Utah? 

That simply depends on the area you are in as well as the type of grass you have.  

Cool Season Grass—These types of grasses are found in cooler regions in the Northern U.S. but would also work in Northern Utah.  

Warm Season Grass—You’ll find this kind of grass in Southern Utah and in the Southern U.S. where is stays warmer. 

Photo by Anastasiya Badun on Unsplash
Photo by Anastasiya Badun on Unsplash

The growing season here in Utah is from March to November, and that impacts how often you should be mowing your lawn. In Spring you want to mow about once a week, in Summer you can cut back to every two weeks. In Winter you should be mowing no more than once a month since the grass will be in its dormant state.  

Once the temperature stays around 60 degrees or lower for warm-season grasses and 50 or lower for cold-season grasses you can pretty much start the process.  

Healthy grass is anywhere from 2-3 inches in length so cutting it too much during the cold seasons could result in a permanent dead buzz-cut look for your grass. Not good. 

Photo by Anastasiya Badun on Unsplash
Photo by Anastasiya Badun on Unsplash

During the Summer months, it's best to water early in the morning to avoid losing that water to the sun however in Winter, you can water your lawn every two to three weeks. If you water too much, or keep your grass too long, you could get issues like mold, pests, and reduced airflow. All very bad for your lawn.  

Happy winterizing! 


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