Nu-metal stars Limp Bizkit's prayers were answered this weekend by an angel — country superstar Jelly Roll.

Okay maybe that is taking things a little too far, but Jelly Roll was the savior for the infamous rock band during a festival performance. Limp Bizkit was performing on stage at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach over the weekend when the epic moment occurred.

Mid-song of the band's cover of "Behind Blue Eyes" — originally by The Who — Bizkit singer Fred Durst started asking for a sign. He even asked the audience to pray for an angel to save him and, wouldn't you know it, Jelly Roll was there to answer it.

Watch for yourself as Jelly Roll, white cowboy hat and all, helped out the band on stage.

Limp Bizkit Featuring Jelly Roll at Welcome to Rockville, "Behind Blue Eyes"

Jelly Roll has been all over with all sorts of genres lately, as he performed at Stagecoach with rapper T-Pain. For my money, this was even better than the team up with Limp Bizkit.

And believe it or not, this isn't the nu-metal band's first crossover in country. Back in the summer of 2022, Luke Bryan mentioned the group while calling out audience members who were fighting in the crowd.

Bryan addressed the audience about the incident that happened while he was performing his hit song "Buy Dirt." He asked the crowd, "I mean, why the hell were y'all fighting during 'Buy Dirt'?" before joking, "This isn't Limp Bizkit or nothing. Friggin' Gwar."

Jelly Roll is up for numerous ACM's, including Entertainer of the Year. The ACM's will be handed out this Thursday.

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