Luke Combs is keeping busy with his responsibilities as a parent, but that doesn't mean his songwriting is slowing down. In fact, from the looks of it, being a dad is a big source of inspiration these days.

  • Combs is dad to two young boys: One-and-a-half-year-old Tex and 5-month-old Beau.
  • His wife Nicole watches them full-time when he's out on tour. But the country superstar is currently off the road, meaning he's got more time to devote to family.

During his shifts of "dad duty," while Nicole is squeezing in a workout or a shower, Combs has occasionally been signing on to social media to share new music coming down the pipeline. Over the past couple of weeks, those new songs — appropriately enough — have been about being a dad.

On Sunday (Jan. 14), Combs shared his latest song inspired by dad life: An unreleased track called "The Man He Sees in Me."

"Luke here, on dad duty again. Back from our hunting trip," Combs says after he turns on the camera. "Beau's over there doing tummy time, expressing himself. Tex is taking a nap, got the baby monitor over here. Nicole's on the treadmill."

"So, y'all said you like dad songs, so I got a whole bunch of 'em lined up," he continues. "I wrote this one with my buddy Josh Phillips, so, hope y'all like it."

"The Man He Sees in Me" is Combs' reflection on being his sons' superhero — and how he hopes to live up to being the person his kids think he is.

"I hope he never finds out that I didn't hang the moon / And I've never scared a monster out the closet in his room," Combs sings in the chorus. "Someday between him leavin' home and driving on my knee / Maybe I'll finally be the man he sees in me."

Combs and Nicole welcomed their youngest son, Beau, last August. At the time, the singer was overseas fulfilling some Australian stops on his World Tour. He then took a month off touring to spend time with his growing family, before returning abroad to conclude the tour.

The country superstar will begin his next tour in mid-April. His 2024 Growing Up and Gettin' Old Tour, featuring back-to-back stadium shows in an array of cities, will keep him busy at least through August.

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