HGTV has come back to Colorado, once again, to show us how to make things look good. You'd suppose that there are plenty of "worse" places to go in Colorado than Breckenridge.

You do have to give them credit: Nearly 30 years since its inception, HGTV is huge. Will we be seeing them doing "huge" things in one of Colorado's most popular destinations?

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What is this new HGTV show set in Breckenridge, Colorado?

It's "Battle on the Mountain," and it'll be about three teams transforming three mountain homes in Breckenridge.

What's the overall premise of this new HGTV show in Breckenridge?

  • Three teams of three will have a $100,000 budget to renovate their home.
  • Each team will go through six challenges; the winning team of each challenge will receive an extra $3,000.
  • The team that increases the value of their home the most, as evaluated by expert judges, will win $50,000.

Will Ty Pennington be on "Battle on the Mountain?"

While Ty is wildly popular across HGTV shows, he'll only be stopping by for one or two episodes of this one.

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Who will be hosting "Battle on the Mountain?"

It would appear that the three lead mentors of each of the three teams will be the hosts, as no "host" is listed or mentioned.

What's at least one thing in Breckenridge that will likely be featured on the show?

That big wooden troll, of course.

When will "Battle on the Mountain" be on HGTV?

The six-episode season one will begin on January 22, 2024.

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