More workers in Colorado will be facing layoffs soon. This round of layoffs comes as a surprise because we were under the assumption that business was going well.

Meow Wolf will be cutting jobs across their entire company. Meow Wolf's Denver location opened in 2021, but the company also has locations in Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and two locations in Texas.

I have not been to Meow Wolf yet, but a few of my friends have gone and raved about how great it is.

You Might Be Wondering What Meow Wolf Is

We don't blame you for not knowing about Meow Wolf. The convergence station is still a relatively new attraction in Colorado.

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Meow Wolf is an immersive experience that showcases psychedelic and futuristic exhibits. It transports you to different worlds and realities.

About the Meow Wolf Cuts: How Denver Will Be Affected

Denver 7 says that Meow Wolf will eliminate 165 positions within their company. It has not been announced how many employees at the Denver location will lose their jobs.

Meow Wolf says that they plan to cut expenses by 10%. According to their leadership, saving 10% will help their growth.

Are Coloradans Loving Meow Wolf?

Kelsey Nistel, TSM
Kelsey Nistel, TSM

Every person that I have talked to enjoys Meow Wolf. However, the experience might not be for everyone.

Related: Colorado Has Two Most Boring Tourist Attractions in the World

Meow Wolf was recently rated as one of the most boring attractions in the world. We have a hard time believing that is true.

I have been to a ton of museums, granges, and historical sights. No offense to those places, but I can easily think of 100 more boring places than Meow Wolf in Denver.

Tips For First-Timers to Colorado's Meow Wolf Denver

Convergence Station virgins may want to keep these tips in mind when planning a trip to Meow Wolf Denver.

Gallery Credit: Kelsey Nistel

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