Bears in Colorado have been out of sight since about mid-November, waiting for winter to pass while in their dens, in a state of deep hibernation. But as spring rolls around and the weather turns, it's almost time for bears to re-emerge.

When it comes to black bears in Colorado, when is the earliest these furry mammals could awaken from hibernation?

Bruce Warrington/Unsplash
Bruce Warrington/Unsplash

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, most bears that live in the Centennial State start to become active again around the middle of March or early April.

However, bears are very in tune with the seasons, and will naturally come out of their state of hibernation when the weather turns warmer. In years when spring weather comes early, these animals have cut their typical hibernation period short. So, there's a chance Coloradans could start seeing them on the move soon.

Male bears usually emerge from the hibernacula first, followed by females and their cubs.

When these animals do come out of their dens, they are incredibly hungry! During hibernation, black bears lose approximately 30 to 40 percent of their body weight - so when they wake up, they are ready to eat and can smell food from more than five miles away. It's important to keep trash locked so that bears do not associate the source as food.

If you spot a bear in the wild, keep your distance or try to haze it away to avoid an attack.

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