Places like Japan and Washington, D.C., are famous for their cherry blossom trees, which annually attract hundreds of people wanting to get up close views of these beautiful blooms. A month-long festival celebrating cherry blossom season even takes place on the East Coast every spring.

While Colorado's cherry blossoms don't get the hype that other locations do, they do exist and are just as pretty to look at. But where can Coloradans go to see these pretty pink petals?

Jack Cohen/Unsplash
Jack Cohen/Unsplash

There are a few primary spots throughout the Centennial State where cherry blossoms can be seen. In general, the best time to see these trees in bloom is from late March to early April.

Where do Denver, Colorado's cherry trees come from?

Denver’s trees were replanted after World War II and wandering streets and paths that are bursting with soft pinks is a peaceful way to spend a spring afternoon.

In 2012, a tree planting ceremony took place at Town Center Park at Green Valley Ranch, close to Denver International Airport. The event was hosted by the Japan America Society of Colorado and Soko Gakkai International. Now, more than 200 cherry trees have been placed into the earth at this special location.

Where are the Denver cherry trees?

One of the best places to view these delicate trees is central Denver's aptly named Cherry Creek neighborhood.

Hundreds of trees fill this popular residential and shopping district. Pedestrians riding or walking along the Cherry Creek Bike Path will also observe tons of these pink and white flowers.

Keeping with the theme, Cherry Creek State Park is another prime flower-viewing destination.

Although Speer Boulevard is in the heart of the city, it's lined with cherry trees for all passing by to admire.

Of course, the Denver Botanic Gardens is always a great place to start when searching for a particular type of plant or tree.

The University of Colorado campus in Boulder is another location that's filled with hundreds of flowering cherry trees during the springtime.

Stunning cherry blossoms have also been spotted at Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs.

When is the Colorado Cherry Blossom Festival?

This year, Colorado will even hold its own Cherry Blossom Festival, taking place June 22 and 23, 2024, at Sakura Square in downtown Denver. The event celebrates all that is Japanese culture, including taiko drumming, sake, teriyaki and various arts available in the marketplace. Admission is free.

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