Fans of Western Colorado's seasonal airshows got disappointing news late last week. One of the fall aviation events scheduled for the Western Slope in September was recently canceled due to global circumstances.

With American military power needed in theaters worldwide, aircraft and personnel that appear at events like the Tribute to Aviation in Montrose may be unable to participate.

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Montrose Regional Airport Cancels Airshow

On April 6th, The Montrose Regional Airport announced the cancelation of the 2024 September airshow due to global circumstances. Montrose County Director of Aviation Lloyd Arnold told News 11 that the cancelation is disappointing.

Global events may affect our ability to secure the military presence that is such a central part of the event experience. We wouldn’t want to disappoint our community with a scaled-back version of this popular event.

The Tribute to Aviation is usually held at the Montrose Regional Airport in the middle of September each year. The focus at the airport will now shift to reserving military and civilian aircraft for the 2025 event.

Will Grand Junction's Airshow Be In Jeopardy?

Will the same circumstances also affect the Grand Junction Air Show in October? It's certainly possible. Grand Junction's airshow usually takes place in mid-October, about one month after the airshow in Montrose. Grand Junction's airshow has become famous for appearances from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the Vanguard Squadron, and the Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules. It remains to be seen if all of the participants will be able to attend the event in October.

Today, the Grand Junction Airshow website is still showing 2023 show info. Bookmark this link to watch for announcements about this year's event.

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