Parts of Colorado will see a high temp of 53 on Thursday, and a low of 25 Thursday night. Here's hoping you have a warm jacket. As it turns out, though, many in Colorado don't even own a jacket, let alone a coat.

How cold does it have to get in Colorado before residents start breaking out a winter jacket? Some have that thing warmed up and ready by the end of summer. Looking at your replies on social media, however, it appears some in the Centennial State brave any and all Colorado weather without the burden of a jacket.

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How We Roll In Colorado

This is the state where it's not uncommon to spot someone shoveling their driveway wearing a parka, complimented by gym shorts and a pair of flip-flops. Many in the Centennial State jettison the parka in favor of something a bit more comfortable, typically a sweatshirt.

While it is unknown as to whether Colorado residents' remarkable ability to endure cold can be attributed to studliness or brain damage, it does seem many Coloradans simply aren't bothered by freezing temperatures.

The Word On The Street

According to, the way to endure Colorado cold temps is in layers, followed, by more layers, then augmented by, you guessed it, more layers.

Ask a Coloradan how to dress and they’re likely to answer, “In layers!” That diversity of elevation we mentioned means temperatures can shift on dime. Don’t underestimate the importance of layering up and packing clothes for all seasons year-round if you’re going to be exploring our great outdoors — no one wants to be the guy in the thick wool sweater who says “I had no idea it could get up into the 70s in February!"

How Cold Does It Have To Get?

Drive by any Western Colorado school bus stop in mid-January, and you'll see a dozen Middle School kids standing around, and not a single coat or jacket in sight. That's how it was done in the 1970s, and it appears as though nothing has changed in the half-century since.

The question was asked on social media, "How cold does it have to get in Colorado before you wear a jacket?" Like most social engagement questions, answers arrived in almost every color of the rainbow, from one extreme to the other.

On a side note: While some may not be bothered by cold temperatures, and choose to go without a jacket, there are those who may not have a say in the matter. During the colder months in Colorado, please bring the pets inside. Standing in the cold for a few minutes while you scrape the ice off the windshield is one thing. Spending the entire night in the cold without shelter or any way to get warm is an entirely different matter.

How Cold Does It Have To Get In Colorado Before We Start to Wear a Jacket?

There are those in Colorado who don't even own a jacket or winter coat. How bad does it have to get before they crack? i asked on social media, "How cold does it have to get before you start to wear a jacket?" Here's what you had to say:

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