Colorado's Grand Valley is a beautiful place to live. It's even prettier when you have the chance to view it from high above the valley floor.

We're headed to the Redlands Mesa to check out a beautiful Grand Junction dream home that might offer one of the best views possible in Western Colorado

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Redlands Mesa Magnificence

If you have ever visited the pinnacle ridge above Redlands Mesa Golf Course, you know that it's one of the prettiest places to view Grand Junction, the Redlands Mesa Golf Course, and the Colorado National Monument. What if all these views came with your own pool and hot tub? Just wait till you see the photos below.

Overlooking Redlands Mesa Golf Course

The course at Redlands Mesa opened in 2001. If you've played gold here you have probably noticed the incredible homes high above the greens overlooking the course. Redlands Mesa is one of the highest-rated golf courses in Colorado, and you'll be able to look down over the course from the backyard at any time.

Poolside Views of the Colorado National Monument

From this spot in the Redlands, you'll be right next to the Grand Junction entrance of the Colorado National Monument. Views include the Colorado River, the connected lakes, the Bookcliffs, and even the Grand Mesa. This location is minutes from hiking a biking trails and is just down the road from the Lunch Loops trailhead.

Keep going to see some of the best views available in Grand Junction.

Colorado Dream Home Offers Incredible Views of Grand Junction

We've all seen the beautiful homes in Redlands Mesa as we head towards the Colorado National Monument. Have you ever wondered what they look like inside? Here is your chance to see inside one of these beautiful Colorado 'dream homes' that offer some of the best views anywhere in Grand Junction.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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During the 2023 holiday season, we asked our audience to show us their Christmas decorations. We received some great photos from the area's best-decorated houses.

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This Queen Ann Victoria home in Leadville is the best 141-year-old house I have ever seen. It almost looks like it was just built last week. Restored and upgraded with some of the coolest purple carpeting you'll ever see, it even comes with a guest cottage in the backyard. Let's take a look inside.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams