We're headed to the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction to check out the House on the Rock Airbnb hosted by Tyson and Angela. This rental includes the entire house with room for up to ten guests.

The House on the Rock Airbnb is a custom-built home that shows off a gigantic sandstone rock slab both outside and inside the home. Keep going to see the photos in the gallery below.

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Grand Junction's 'House on the Rock'

This Airbnb is just minutes from Grand Junction and close enough to the monument to feel like you are far away from the hustle and bustle of life. The rental includes a sun deck with a shaded area, and the oversized windows inside the home offer amazing views of the Colorado National Monument and the Grand Valley.

Every Room Includes A View

The owners of the House on the Rock Airbnb have put together this walkthrough tour of the home on YouTube. Take a closer look at the photos from Airbnb in the gallery below. Watch the video to learn more about the property and the owners before you book your stay.

Check Out the Night Sky

Inside the house is a custom-built fireplace. You can warm your bones by the fire at night while taking a look at stars over Western Colorado with a telescope.

It can be hard to find an Airbnb rental with enough space for ten people. With a rate of $264 per night, that is about $27 per guest if you bring ten friends. Good luck finding a hotel in town with a rate that low.

See Inside Colorado's 'House On the Rock' Airbnb in Grand Junction

Colorado's Hillside House in Grand Junction is known as the "House on the Rock." Built on a sandstone foundation, this unique custom home offers an affordable stay for up to ten guests. Keep scrolling for a virtual tour of the property.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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