Relax and enjoy a weekend full of incredible views featuring the Colorado National Monument when you stay at this incredible Airbnb rental in Fruita, Colorado.

This luxury castle sits just steps away from some of the Monument's most popular trailheads, and includes a beautiful backyard seating around a fire pit.

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Monument Vista Place in Fruita, Colorado

Our castle in Fruita is located inside the gated Monument Vista Place which is located right next to the West entrance of the Colorado National Monument. Located just three miles from I-70, this rental includes a 1200-square-foot upstairs apartment with giant windows that show off the western slope.

Enjoy the Night Sky in Fruita

The castle looks incredible at night. A large backyard seating area facing the Colorado National Monument is a great place to stargaze and includes a firepit. The property is well-lit at night with walking paths that take you right to the guest entrance of the apartment.

Excellent Airbnb Reviews

The Castle MVP has earned a 4.95 rating out of 5 from guests on Airbnb. Online reviews show that guests are super happy with how spacious and clean this rental is when they arrive. This spot is perfect for guests coming to town for a visit, or as a great place to escape to for someone who loves visiting the Colorado National Monument.

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Castle MVP: Luxury Airbnb Rental Available in Fruita, Colorado

Check out this incredible escape next to the Colorado National Monument. Your castle awaits inside Monument Vista Place in Fruita, Colorado. This Airbnb rental offers the upstairs apartment for up to four guests to anyone who wants to escape and enjoy the views found in Western Colorado.

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