Jumping into a lake to escape a snake is probably a good idea. Just make sure you're not about to make the problem worse by jumping into one of Colorado's most snake-infested lakes.

Colorado's water snakes enjoy calm still waters in lagoons, lakes, and slowly moving rivers and streams. You can usually see them enjoying the shoreline, sunbathing on a rock, or swimming over the water.

According to Animals A-Z.com, there are three lakes in Colorado you will want to avoid if you are afraid of snakes.

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Colorado's Lake Pueblo

Colorado's Most Snake-Infested Lake.
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Colorado's #1 most snake-infested lake is in southeastern Colorado at Lake Pueblo. This lake is home to one of the largest populations of Red Racer snakes in the Centennial state. These snakes are called Coachwhips and can sometimes look like pink snakes instead of red ones.

Southeastern Colorado is the only place you'll find a Coachwhip with a pink/red hugh. Every other place in America has brown or olive Coachwhips. These snakes can grow to five or six feet in length.

Colorado's Boyd Lake State Park

Colorado's Second Most Snake-Infested Lake
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Boyd Lake State Park is a beautiful place near Loveland, Colorado. Know before you go that this lake is home to a sizeable population of Garter snakes. They are found on the ground, in the trees, and the bushes. They don't swim very often, however, a large Bull Snake was reported in Boyd Lake in 2021. While these snakes try to mimic rattlesnakes' behaviors, they won't try to bother you unless you are a gopher.

Colorado's Electra Lake

Colorado's 3rd Most Snake-Infested Lake
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Just 20 miles up the road from Durango, Colorado is Lake Electra, also known as Electra Lake. It's a privately owned reservoir in La Plata County that opens to guests after Labor Day. Visiting this lake means a good chance of encountering a Black Neck Garter snake. They can grow three to four feet and love living near Colorado's 3rd most snake-infested lake.

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