Enjoy some of the best scenery anywhere in Grand Junction when you stay at this Redlands Airbnb with 360 views of the Colorado National Monument. Have you got a large family? No problem, Fred & Eaine have four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and room for up to 10 guests.

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We'll take a closer look at the property in the photo gallery below after telling you more about this location and its features.

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Where is Tiara Rado in Grand Junction?

Grand Junction's Tiara Rado Golf Course is in the Redlands east of the Colorado National Monument. The area offers views of the Grand Mesa, Book Cliffs, and the Monument. The development behind the golf course includes Bison Court, an area with beautiful properties that include views of wildlife and the more than 90 species of birds that visit the golf course nearby.

This Airbnb Has Room for 10 Guests

The property has room for as many as 10 guests with four bedrooms, six beds, and 3.5 bathrooms. This home sits on 2 acres of land within walking distance of the Colorado River, and several hiking trails that will take you into the Colorado National Monument.

The Hot Tub Fits 7 People

The backyard, as well as the Sundance Hot Tub, are professionally maintained for use year-round. It fits seven adults and is positioned to offer views of the Colorado National Monument. Take a closer look at the property in the gallery below, and find the link to this listing below if you are interested in reserving this Airbnb.

Tiara Rado Airbnb Has Room for 10 Guests in Western Colorado

Enjoy views of the Colorado National Monument and Western Colorado's Tiara Rado Golf Course from this Grand Junction Airbnb with room for ten guests.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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