Can you spot the snow animals each winter as they appear on the Grand Mesa? The late October snows have already lightly outlined the Bear and the Swan shapes for Grand Junction to see, even if only for a few days.

Could Western Colorado possibly get as much snow as we did last winter? Where will the snowiest places in Colorado be this winter? Let's look at the top ten snowiest towns you can visit in Colorado during the winter of 2023-2024.

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Colorado's Winter Corridor

Colorado's I-70 Corridor through Eagle County is easily one of the snowiest stretches of real estate in Colorado. The communities of Vail, Avon, Gypsum, Eagle, and Edwards are all tied for 3rd place following the winter of 2022-2023, with an average of 113.5 inches of snowfall.

Record Snowfall in Colorado

The record for the most snowfall in 24 hours goes to the community of Silver Lake, Colorado. The record dates back to April 1921, when 6.3 feet of snow fell over the area in 24 hours.

Record Snowfall on Colorado's Grand Mesa

The Nordic Council members who measure snow on the Grand Mesa reported more than 444 inches of snowfall last winter. If we saw snowfall like this every winter, Mesa County could quickly rise up the list of snowiest places and easily end up in the top ten. Could it possibly snow that much for the second year in a row? Open our station app and let us know your prediction.

Keep going to take a look at the ten snowiest places you can visit in Colorado this winter.

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