We love answering questions about Western Colorado that we receive on our station app. Sometimes, we even love answering questions about fun things to do between Grand Junction and Moab, Utah.

You've probably seen the La Sal mountains off to the south if you have ever driven across the state line into Moab. The La Sal Mountains contain sixty-two peaks, forty campgrounds, mountain lakes, and one of the largest concentrations of Black Bears in Utah living within the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

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Utah's La Sal Mountain Range

Travelers passing through Colorado on the Old Spanish Trail knew the La Sal Mountains as a prominent landmark between Sante Fe and Los Angeles. This compact mountain range is about fifteen miles long and six miles wide. It's the second-highest mountain range in the state of Utah, dating back nearly twenty-five million years.

The La Sal Mountain's Highest Peaks

The La Sal mountains feature twelve peaks that reach at least 12,000 feet.

The Breathtaking La Sal Loop Road

One of the best ways to enjoy Utah's La Sal Mountains is to take the drive down the River Route towards Moab and connect with the La Sal Loop Scenic Byway which will take you on a 60-mile tour through these mountains from Moab to Castle Valley, up the Geyser Pass, and back down to Moab.

Keep going to see some amazing photos of the La Sal mountains and learn ten facts about this small but mighty mountain range you may not have known.

10 Facts You May Not Have Known About the La Sal Mountains in Utah

Have you ever wondered what mountains become visible as you drive into Utah from Western Colorado? Utah's La Sal Mountains are a fun escape and a great place to camp high above the Colorado plateau. Keep going to learn ten cool facts about the La Sals.

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If you are planning to head to Moab from Grand Junction, Colorado, leave I-70 in your rearview, and turn south onto SH 128 near Cisco, Utah. The next 50 miles are packed with some of the prettiest scenery anywhere for enjoying the Colorado River, and the nearby La Sal Mountains.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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Gallery Credit: Wes Adams