Rafting down one of Colorado's Rivers is among the highest-rated outdoor activities in the Centennial State. Colorado is famous for Rocky Mountain National Park and world-class skiing, but have you ever tried whitewater rafting?

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If you have never taken on rapids but want to learn Colorado has an Airbnb Experience just for you. Today's adventure takes us to the whitewater rapids of Colorado's Clear Creek.

Ride the Rapids of Clear Creek

Airbnb Experience host Ryan is ready to offer the thrill of a lifetime riding class III and IV intermediate rapids down scenic Clear Creek. This area offers more rapids per mile than any commercial whitewater in America. This experience is great for beginners and experienced rafters alike. Ryan's team will meet you at their shop for safety orientation before providing transportation to the river and back.

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Colorado's Downstream Adventures

Whitewater rafting
Airbnb Experiences

Ryan was a river guide for 16 years before starting Downstream Adventures. An expert is assigned to each boat. You'll learn the proper paddling technique, before heading out on a challenging scenic tour that will have you hooked and returning for more. Most Downstream Adventures last about 3 hours and cover 5 to 9 miles on the river.

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Equipment Included

Ryan and his crew will provide you with rafts, paddles, helmets, wetsuits, and splash jackets for warmth. See places like the lower canyon of Clear Creek, and Upper Beaver Falls while you work with your teammates to conquer the rapids. Tap this link for the official listing from Airbnb Experiences.

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Only a small number of rivers around the world flow Northward, and Colorado's Dolores River is one of them. Stretching for nearly 241 miles, the Dolores River is almost as long as the Grand Canyon. Its waters help the Colorado River continue through Utah and reach millions of Americans West of the Centennial State.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams