With so many small towns in Colorado, there are a few that will get a bad rep.

Recently, a website ranked the worst places to live in Colorado, and we're not sure if they nailed it, or just phoned it in.

Firstly, the only towns named were located on the Front Range. This left out quite a few places that should definitely be on this list.

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What Was the Criteria for Colorado's Worst Places to Live?

These guys -- who don't live here by the way -- crunched some so-called data to make their decisions.

They looked at towns that had a population of over 5,000 people. Analyzed how much crime was in the towns: the average home price and the median income.

From these numbers, they hastily ranked them from bad to worst.

Actually, the List of Worst Places to Live in Colorado Isn't That Far Off ... In Our Minds

While looking through their list of worst places to live in Colorado, we can see that most Coloradans would agree.

Besides the people who live in Brighton, Pueblo, Greenley, and the others, who really spends any time there?

Take Aurora, for example. The only reason I've ever been there was to take my wife for a hospital visit.

And, I've only been to Greeley for work, and that was just a quick visit.

I drove through Pueblo so fast because I knew the reputation that place has.

Regardless, of what I think and the people at the website think, some people really do enjoy these places.

Where Were the Top Three Worst Places to Live in Colorado?

Colorado Worst Place to Live Sheridan
Google Maps

Coming in at #3 was Sheridan. What does Sheridan have? By the looks of it, just a golf course, a Costco, Target, and an ever-so deliciously gross Golden Corral. Not much, and you've probably only driven through while on 285.

Colorado Worst Place to Live Aurora
Google Maps

The number two worst place to live in Colorado is Aurora. We'll just come right out and say the only good about Aurora is the children's hospital. That's it. Besides that, stay far far away.

Colorado Worst Place to Live Aurora
Google Maps

And ... the #1 worst place to live in Colorado is Fort Lupton. Poor old Fort Lupton was a historical place where people stopped to get goods and services during their travels in the West.

Now, it's just a place people blow by while on 76. Their story is the same as so many eastern Colorado towns. Modern travel routes have taken away their glory.

What do you think? Who should've been added to this list?

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