The city of Grand Junction is one step closer to the opening of recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city limits.

Grand Junction Conducts Randomized Process For Marijuana Licenses

A total of 10 applications were selected from a pool of 32 in a randomized process that took place Thursday at City Hall. The process was moderated by Municipal Court Judge Dan Robinson and City Attorney John Shaver.

Here's How the Process Went Down

The 32 applicants each confirmed their name and business address on a preprinted card and placed it in a sealed envelope. The cards were placed in a tumbler and were drawn out one by one and assigned a number. Then, 32 numbered balls were placed in a wire cage. Judge Robinson, who remained outside the auditorium during the assignment of numbers, proceeded to spin the wire cage and one by one a numbered ball would drop into the chute. The numbers were read aloud and the corresponding number w

Applicants were not required to be present, but were required to have submitted $5,000 to secure a license should their number be drawn. The applicants who were not selected will have their deposits refunded.

Which Cannabis Businesses Were Selected To Be Licensed?

Here's a list of the 10 cannabis businesses that were selected to proceed with the licensing process.

  • Lucky Me Dispensary, LLC dba Lucky Me Dispensary
  • Cam Cap dba Grand Junction Greenery
  • Canna Care, LLC
  • Western Colorado Marijuana, LLC dba The Garage
  • Golden Rookie, LLC
  • RJJ Grand Junction, LLC dba Native Roots Grand Junction
  • Kai Dispensary, LLC dba Kai Dispensary
  • Colorado Greens, LLC dba The Green Horizon
  • Colorado Alternative Health Care, Ltd., dba Colorado Weedery
  • Zuma B, LLC dba Elevate

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When Will Marijuana Businesses Open In Grand Junction?

According to the City of Grand Junction website,  applicants that were selected in the random process will be issued a city license after they have completed an application with the state. Once a license is issued, applicants are required to have paid all fees and begin operations within 12 months of selection. It seems likely Grand Junction will see its first legal pot dispensaries up and running before the end of the year.

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