The picturesque ski town of Aspen, Colorado is famous for a number of things. Famous faces visit the ski slopes and hotels, The X-Games take place in Aspen every year, and the late Hunter S. Thompson even ran for sheriff there once.

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However, one building is arguably not nearly as famous as the Hotel Jerome, but has been a fixture for many Aspenites for over half a century and is in need of some TLC.

Iconic Aspen Colorado Chapel Needs to Be Upgraded

The Aspen Chapel of the Prince of Peace has been a staple of the town of Aspen since 1968. Located at 77 Meadowwood Drive, the chapel has a long history of inclusion and many hands were involved in its design and construction.

The land was originally donated by a man named Jim Van De Veer after the concept was proposed and financed by a former Mennonite named E.M. Yost as a place of worship for all walks of life.

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Other contributors included architects George Heneghan and Daniel Gale, glass designer Jean-Jacques Duval, and glass artist Michael Ohnmachht.

Not only is the chapel an iconic place of worship for the ski town, it also serves as a setting for art exhibitions in the form of the Aspen Chapel Gallery.

However, despite the fact that Aspen is historically one of the more affluent towns in Colorado, the chapel is in need of repairs, upgrades, and some overall TLC. Luckily, the chapel has its own board of trustees that are currently working toward implementing efforts to keep the iconic building in as pristine shape as possible.

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