Browsing real estate listings in Colorado's ritzy ski towns can lead to some amazing discoveries, many of which are worth tens of millions of dollars.

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Currently, an iconic penthouse in Aspen, Colorado is for sale for nearly $50 million and you can take a full, virtual tour of this gorgeous property below.

Iconic Aspen Colorado Penthouse for Sale

Built in 2008, the Monarch on the Park penthouse is an absolutely stunning property with even more gorgeous views.

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Located right at the base of the famous ski mountain at 233 E. Cooper Avenue, the penthouse boasts 5,510 square feet of living space which includes four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and much more.

The penthouse is accessible via an elevator which takes you right up to the hallway which contains the wine cellar. From there, you'll be treated to amazing views of the surrounding scenery in nearly every room.

Currently listed for $49,250,000, the penthouse also features a luxurious wraparound deck area with a fire pit, hot tub, plenty of comfortable seating, and even more spectacular views of the famous ski mountain than you'll find inside the home itself.

Interestingly, the penthouse's real estate listing states that due to the building codes that the town of Aspen has put into place over the last decade and a half, a penthouse of this caliber would not be allowed to be built today.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of this beautiful penthouse and discover all of the reasons that it's justifiably listed for such a steep price tag:

Walk Around Iconic $49 Million Aspen Colorado Penthouse

The iconic penthouse at Monarch on the Park in the heart of Aspen, Colorado is currently for sale for nearly $50 million.

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