Colorado residents love their dogs. It's not uncommon to see furry companions on hiking trails, parks, and even on patios of various restaurants and bars.

While not every establishment can be dog-friendly, there is usually an exception when it comes to specially trained service dogs. These service dogs have a clear purpose and are almost always seen wearing some sort of special vest to identify themselves.

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However, instances of pet owners bending the rules by falsely identifying their furry companion as a service dog have been known to happen in Colorado and if caught, these pet owners could face legal penalties.

Misrepresenting a Pet as a Service Animal is Illegal in Colorado

Akin to an able-bodied individual parking in a handicapped parking spot, misrepresenting dogs as service animals is certainly frowned upon, and could also result in legal consequences if the pet owner is caught.

Granted, it seems like a pretty harmless crime if the dog in question is highly trained and well-behaved, but if the fake service pet isn't on its best behavior at any number of establishments, it could spell trouble for its owners.

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Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill 16-1426 concerning "intentional misrepresentation of entitlement to a service animal" into law on June 10, 2016. The bill outlines the differences between a service animal and an assistance animal, as well as fines for breaking the law.

First-time offenders can be charged with a Class-2 Petty Offense and ordered to pay a $25 fine, but second-time offenders will be ordered to pay anywhere between $50 and $100, with subsequent fines landing between $100 and $500.

While the monetary penalties are little more than a slap on the wrist, it's perhaps the stigma of feigning the need for this type of assistance that weighs the heaviest.

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