Just a few decades ago, hitchhiking was a widely accepted form of transportation. Travelers would stick their thumbs out and a stranger would give them a ride to some kind of destination, usually without any dire consequences.

These days, hitchhiking is totally different. You've probably seen plenty of movies about hitchhiking going terribly wrong, and/or heard stories of serial killers preying on hitchhikers, which makes it an especially scary form of transport.

However, believe it or not, there are alternatives to hitchhiking in Colorado that are either free or affordable.

Keep scrolling to learn about these alternatives to hitchhiking in Colorado.

Free Alternatives to Hitchhiking in Colorado

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You've probably heard of the Bustang, a bus that takes you across the state for a reasonable price, and most definitely have heard of Greyhound, but did you know that there are free modes of transport in some parts of Colorado?

For example, if you're traveling around ski towns like the Vail Valley, Crested Butte, or Summit County, there are free buses that run all over the area. Crested Butte's free bus takes you to and from Gunnison, the SummitStage is free and takes you from Silverthorne to Keystone and back, Vail's bus takes you from one end of town to the other, and Steamboat Springs has a free bus that takes you all over town.

Affordable Alternatives to Hitchhiking in Colorado

In addition to free alternatives to hitchhiking in Colorado, there are some that cost money but won't necessarily break the bank. The aforementioned Bustang is one, but there are also buses out of Denver that are more affordable than the Greyhound, and even run all the way to Mexico.

In fact, these buses are run by Mexican companies and run from Colorado to places like Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California, in addition to Mexico.

Your safety takes priority when traveling, and it's unfortunate that hitchhiking is much less safe nowadays than it once was, but it's nice to have options that won't put you in the poor house.

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