Each year, a new list of the most dangerous cities and towns in Colorado is released, and many of the same towns land on the list frequently.

Typically, these cities include the Denver suburb of Aurora, Pueblo, and Grand Junction, Colorado.

However, a quick look at the statistics shows that 2021 saw a spike in most types of crime in Mesa County, which is where Grand Junction is located.

Grand Junction Colorado Saw a Spike in Crime in 2021

If you look at the statistics of criminal activity in Grand Junction over the last five years, at least six categories of crime spiked in 2021. These types of crime included motor vehicle theft, violent crime, domestic violence, murder, aggravated assault, and robbery. Check out the spike between 2020 and 2022 regarding these categories:

Motor Vehicle Theft in Mesa County Colorado:

2020: 194 cases, 2021: 205 cases, 2022: 148 cases

Violent Crime in Mesa County Colorado:

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2020: 262 cases, 2021: 286 cases, 2022: 179 cases

Domestic Violence in Mesa County Colorado:

2020: 272 cases, 2021: 284 cases, 2022: 251 cases

Murder in Mesa County Colorado:

2020: 0 cases, 2021: 3 cases, 2022: 1 case

Aggravated Assault in Mesa County Colorado:

2020: 142 cases, 2021: 173 cases, 2022: 109 cases

Robbery in Mesa County Colorado:

2020: 10 cases, 2021: 12 cases, 2022: 8 cases

However, despite the curious spike in all of these types of crimes, non-violent crimes involving drugs and driving under the influence of alcohol were less frequent in 2021 than in adjacent years.

DUI in Mesa County:

2020: 87 cases, 2021:45 cases, 2022: 79 cases

Drug Offenses in Mesa County:

2020: 146 cases, 2021: 173 cases, 2022: 240 cases

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that when looking at statistics like these, correlation doesn't necessarily constitute causation, though it is interesting to think about.

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