It seems like nearly every day a news story is released announcing that another business in Colorado has closed its doors for good. All across the Centennial State, you'll find abandoned buildings that once served as things like big-box stores, grocery stores, and various other businesses.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time these buildings are either torn down or left vacant, sometimes for years.

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However, communities across the state could easily benefit from a variety of different ideas regarding how to repurpose these abandoned buildings.

Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Repurpose Vacant Colorado Stores

There are numerous communities across the state of Colorado that simply don't offer certain settings that are otherwise commonplace. For example, while places like rehearsal studios and recreation centers are abundant in certain parts of the state, they are missing in many communities that would benefit greatly from having them.

A big-box store could be transformed into a number of places to grab a meal, a cup of coffee, or a setting for a meeting in public.

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A number of ideas could also benefit children and young adults which could include repurposing a vacant building as a sports complex, indoor water park, ice rink, or the aforementioned rec center.

Numerous other purposes for a vacant big-box building might include an indoor dog park, an indoor concert venue, rentable storage units and/or garage space, or a shooting range, to name a few.

Numerous communities across Colorado could greatly benefit from a fresh, new setting for a venue that fills a need currently not being met.

Keep scrolling to check out 20 ideas in which communities could benefit from repurposing a vacant big-box store:

20 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Repurpose Vacant Colorado Stores

Vacant big-box stores, grocery stores, and other large, abandoned buildings can be found throughout Colorado and have the potential to be repurposed into any number of things.

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