Ever since James Gunn’s residency as the co-head of DC Studios was announced, fans have been speculating about where he'll go next. We may have a clue. There’s nothing extremely concrete to explain here, but theories are everywhere. Gunn has teased the entry of Lobo, Mister Terrific, and Deadman into the DCEU in larger roles, but that’s not to say that some other characters are out of the question.

Gunn, ever active on social media, has released his Spotify Wrapped as we reach the year’s close. That being said, this time it’s full of more than just the usual guilty pleasures. He refused to share his top 5 songs because he’s planning on using them in his next new super-secret DCEU project. Now... if he’s censoring them, is that because the titles might be hints? Or is it just that the tracks could give away the vibe of the project he's working on?

Going through the discography of Hanoi Rocks, his most listened artist, doesn't really net any clues. At the very least, it's not like they have a song just called “Nightwing” or anything like that. The fact that he's been listening to so much “Sleaze Rock” (thanks Spotify) could mean something, or it could just mean that Hair Metal is something Gunn is really into.

Although we really have no clue what’s coming, it's interesting to see Gunn teasing his next project. His brand of comedy would really work for a character like Plastic Man.

Or... he could attempt to rehabilitate a character like Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds’ first superhero outing. That’s right. We didn’t forget.

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