At first, it sounds like Jesse Labelle's new single "My Last Broken Heart" is a triumph. A peppy fiddle-and-guitar arrangement leads the fan-favorite country singer through his story of needing "tears and beers and a couple of years" to get over an ex.

Classify Labelle as a country newcomer if you want, but this new song (released to all digital streaming platforms on Aug. 5) makes it clear he's lived a few country songs. The fact is, he's gotten through some real tragedy over the last couple of years, but none of that can be found during "My Last Broken Heart." Taste of Country readers get a first listen during this exclusive premiere.

Labelle's pandemic was a little worse than most. It started when he lost his home during the Nashville tornadoes of March 2020 and went beyond the familiar loss of income as entertainment venues nationwide shut down. He also beat cancer, but still found time to submit a song to a Nashville Songwriters' Association International competition. The song "Looking Up" won the competition and became a favorite as he performed more than 100 live stream TRL shows. He's looking forward to playing both new songs during his single release show at the Listening Room on Friday (Aug. 5).

"My last broken heart / Wasn't as bad as I thought / It might have been cracked but when I look back now it don't seem so hard," he sings to begin the chorus. Then, the mood shifts.

"Cause it's one that's never gonna mend / Girl I know I'll never love again / Won't be another one for me / I know that this is gonna be / My last broken heart." 

Keep up with Jesse Labelle through his website, or on Instagram.

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