Singer-songwriter Jewel expressed her gratitude to a quick-acting fire department and her "hero" bus driver on Saturday (Aug. 6), after her tour bus caught on fire in a hotel parking lot.

"We had a full bus fire," she announced on TikTok, sharing pictures of the wreckage in her post and explaining that "The front desk saw the fire and called our bus driver and the fire department."

Luckily, no injuries were reported from the incident. "Nobody was hurt. It happened on an off day," Jewel continued."...The fire department came. Everybody is safe. We saved the vintage guitar and guitar amp."

Those precious items survived thanks to the singer's bus driver. "Our bus driver is a hero for saving the vintage gear!" she added.

Despite the fact that things could have ended much worse, the footage Jewel showed fans of the aftermath demonstrate just how extensive the damage was to her bus. "All's well that ends well, but how 'bout this bulls--t?!" she wondered drily, as she concluded her post.

Jewel is currently on tour with rock outfit Train, and the bus fire didn't stop her from making her scheduled appearance at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday night. She shared the "bananas" experience of playing the famed venue in a subsequent TikTok, documenting the thunder and lightening delays that stalled the concert early on. The post also featured video of the singer hanging out backstage with her 10-year-old son Kase, who is her drummer on her current run of shows.

"You're gonna play drums tonight at Red Rocks. What?!" the singer tells Kase in the clip, with the young musician giving the camera a shy smile.

In April, Jewel told TODAY that she was "really excited" to share the stage with her son, adding, "It's going to make me enjoy touring again."

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