Growing up in Colorado there are so many things to see and do. No wonder so many people are moving to our state each year.

We, as locals, are well aware of what Colorado is best known for, its splendid Mountain ranges and all the activities that go along with it like Hiking, Fishing, Rafting and Skiing. But there are a few things that make our state quite unique. Here a just a few facts you may not be aware of...

Tornado Country

Rarely do you spot a tornado in the Rocky Mountains or within the city limits of Denver. I recall one tornado Back in the late 80's I thought, "that was odd."

Like me, most people don’t think of Colorado as tornado country, but east of the Rockies there are plenty of them. Colorado is in the top ten states that see the most tornadoes in the country.

Longest Street in the State AND Country.

Did You Know that Colfax Ave is the longest continuous street in Colorado and the whole country for that matter?

Coors is not the favorite

Being the home of Coors Beer, you would think most Coloradans enjoy drinking their local brew. The Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water was the big selling point back in the day. Coors is not even in the top five of local brews. That's because Colorado is home to over 15 craft breweries for every 500,000 people, ranking #5 of all states.

A whole lotta sunshine in our Centennial State

Did You Know that the state of Colorado averages 300 days of sunshine? Don't be spreading that around, or we'll see even more folks looking to move our way.

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