For many years, people have claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects (or UFOs) in the sky, thinking that they are some sort of flying saucer piloted by an alien life form.

However, one natural phenomenon in Colorado just so happens to take place in the same types of areas where these UFOs have been spotted begging the question, could there be a reasonable explanation for every UFO sighting that the state has ever seen?

A Colorado Phenomenon that Could be Mistaken For UFOs

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The phenomenon is known as Lenticular clouds which are a type of cloud that forms under specific conditions and resembles flying saucers.

The clouds form near mountains or other large obstacles and appear to be stuck in one place while air moves around them. The wind blows around the clouds on all sides which gives them their UFO-like shape and although they maintain this shape as air flows around them, slight changes do take place causing them to morph slightly which could be mistaken for a big spaceship traveling slowly through the sky.

This particular type of cloud is known to form near the Rocky Mountains that make up Colorado's Front Range, especially in areas such as Boulder's Foothills. These mountains change in elevation sharply, allowing for a perfect environment for Lenticular clouds to form.

However, one must wonder if these UFO-shaped clouds are only mistaken for flying saucers some of the time, and other times it is actually little green men cruising around our skies.

Take a look at some of these Lenticular clouds caught on camera right here in Colorado and decide for yourself:

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