Bike theft is unfortunately a big issue in Northern Colorado. I am on multiple Northern Colorado-focused Facebook and I see multiple bike theft posts every week.

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Seeing a social media post about a child's bike being stolen is especially disheartening. The Loveland Police Department received a report that a Loveland child, Knox, had his bike stolen right before his birthday.

The Loveland Police Department stepped up to the plate and purchased the boy a brand-new bike.

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The Loveland Police Department Posted About It on Facebook

Meet Knox!

Knox is about to have a birthday and was very upset to find his bike was stolen from in front of his house.

Officers couldn't stand to see him upset and took it upon themselves to turn his birthday around by purchasing a bike for him with their own money.

Needless to say, Knox was so happy and immediately put a police badge sticker on the bike.

Happy birthday, buddy.

Here Is A Photo of Knox With His New Best Friends

Knox's Parents Commented On the Picture

Facebook, Loveland Police Department
Facebook, Loveland Police Department

This Comment Is From Knox's Mom

Facebook, Loveland Police Department

Northern Colorado Applauds the Kind Act

Since the post was made on Aug. 29th, nearly 1,000 people have liked the photo. Many people are commenting about how thoughtful it was and how the Loveland Police Department went above and beyond to turn a child's day around.

I was in the bike store when the officer came and bought it. It was so awesome to witness such kindness! - Kathy Gibbs

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