NOTE: This story was originally published on October 4, 2022.

A man who escaped from a Colorado prison could very likely become as infamously known as El Chapo someday as not only was he able to escape from incarceration, but also managed to make nearly a quarter million dollars while behind bars.

Who is the Former Colorado Inmate?

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The master swindler and prison escapee has been identified as Allen Todd May, better known simply as Alan May, and has quite the reputation.

Fox31 Denver via YouTube
Fox31 Denver via YouTube

For starters, May was serving a 20-year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Englewood, Colorado for securities fraud in which he allegedly stole over $6.8 million via a Ponzi scheme.

Fox31 via YouTube
Fox31 via YouTube

However, being behind bars didn't stop May from swindling money.

How Did the Colorado Inmate Make $700k From Behind Bars?

A new report claims that while he was behind bars in Englewood, May was able to swindle money from unclaimed oil and gas royalties by creating made-up energy companies.

He had an unnamed accomplice on the outside that followed his instructions on how to channel the money effectively so that he could still get to it, even as a prisoner.

However, May would prove to be even craftier as he would not remain behind bars for much longer.

How Did the Colorado Inmate Escape?

May escaped from the prison in Englewood by stealing a prison work truck, leaving the property unnoticed, then ditching the truck in favor of a moving truck that he stole from a Denver UHaul store.

Fox31 Denver via YouTube
Fox31 Denver via YouTube

While May escaped nearly four years ago on December 21, 2018, the report detailing his crimes and subsequently escaped was released fairly recently and the man is still on the run with a current reward of $5000 from U.S. Marshalls for any information regarding his whereabouts.

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