How do you spend your Sunday? I love heading down to Montrose Sports Park, Riverbottom Park. Whether you want to take the kids out to play at the kid's area, swings, slide, and more.

There are plenty of walking trails as well. I love seeing families having birthday parties, and people on the bridge area relaxing. It's fun watching the various water sports that people do.

Did you know there are a few climbing walls?

Basically rock climbing, and not a tough climb either.

Have you been to the cool pond area too?

You can sit on a bench and relax, or read a book. It's so peaceful and quiet. That's what a Sunday should be.

I also took a drive to Mayfly Drive and North 9th. There are trails there for a nice walk by the Uncompahgre River. Just being near water takes the stress away.

It was time to head home, pull weeds, do laundry, and make dinner, you know the Sunday chores. Here's to wishing you a great week, and don't forget there are many places to walk near the water and enjoy some peaceful moments.

Montrose Water Sports Park Has Plenty Of Fun

Fun At Montrose Sports Park

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