I've mentioned a few times I've lived in Montrose for a while, just over five years now. So I've been to Grand Junction a time or two. There are so many breweries and fun bars.

I've decided to share my favorites with you. Many are near Main Street or downtown Grand Junction. Maybe you have tried a few of these too. The first place I ever went to was The Goat and Clover Tavern. The food is so good. The drinks are great, and of course, my husband likes the beer.

This is not really a top 10 list, more of just my favorite places I've tried. Like the Feisty Pint on Colordao Ave. near downtown. I've only had a chance to try them once. But so much fun! I like the circular bar vibe too.

Some of the places serve great food as well. Like the Blue Moon Bar and Grill downtown, is more of an old-style bar. But great food, drinks, and service. Get the steak with melted butter.

Here's hoping you enjoy the rest of the list. I highly recommend you try these and let me know what you think. I have wanted to try Foam and Folly Brewery and Taproom, but have missed the chance a few times. Next time I make it to Grand Junction I will. Cheers!

My Favorite Bars and Breweries In Grand Junction

Bars and Breweries Grand Junction

Grand Junction Colorado Area Bars That Were Way Too Much Fun Back In The Day

Did you find yourself spending quality time at the old Double R Bar in Grand Junction? How about Cahoots? The Silver Fox? Perhaps you spent a few paychecks at The Rose, or maybe even The San Antonio Rose.

I asked on Facebook, "Name a Grand Junction area club/bar that was way too much fun back in the day." Your answers came rolling in by the ton. Here's a look at 50 of your replies.

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