Several new laws are set to go into effect in Colorado very soon, and a couple of them will see major changes regarding the matter in which marijuana and firearms can be purchased in the state.

When Do the New Colorado Laws Go Into Effect?

The legislative session in which the bills were signed into law concluded on May 8th, 2023. After that, there is a 90-day period before the laws are able to go into effect, so these new laws will be implemented on August 7th, 2023.

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What Will the New Colorado Marijuana Law Do?

One of the laws that will go into effect on August 7th will make it legal for marijuana dispensaries to sell their cannabis products online. In order for a customer to do this, they must first place their order online and then physically go to the dispensary's brick-and-mortar location to pick it up.

Customers must follow the same rules that are currently in place including verifying their age by showing a state-issued identification card.

What Will the New Colorado Gun Law Do?

Another law set to go into effect on August 7th, 2023 affects who can legally purchase firearms. In the past, the minimum age requirement for handguns was 21, while the minimum age to purchase rifles and other hunting firearms was 18.

However, as of August 7th the age limit will be raised to 21 for all firearms in the state of Colorado.

This new law echoes a similar age increase that Colorado adopted for products containing nicotine in recent years, raising the minimum age for purchasing these products from 18 to 21 as well.

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