A brand new flavor has been added to the Girl Scout Cookie lineup.

Girl Scout Cookie Time Is Here

Although the cookie sale doesn't officially start until February, the Girl Scouts website proclaims "Girls are now selling cookies." You can find Girl Scout Cookies near you here.

Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your Favorite?

As a self-proclaimed cookie expert, I can tell you that all of the Girl Scout cookies are delicious. Thin Mints seem to be the most popular cookie flavor, and they are delicious, but my personal favorite would be Trefoils - and I love the peanut-butter-flavored Tagalongs.

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There Is A New Girl Scout Cookie In Town

The Girl Scouts have gotten into the habit of introducing new cookie flavors on a regular basis. Most recently we have seen the addition of flavors like Girl Scout S'mores, Adventurefuls, and Toffee-tastic. This year they are rolling out a brand new flavor.


Welcome To The Raspberry Rally

If you are a fruit lover, you will probably like the new Raspberry Rally. It's a thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry, and dipped in chocolate. It looks great. I'm sure it's delicious just like all of the other Girl Scout Cookie flavors, but, for me, it presents a  conflict.  I'm not a big fan of combing fruit and fruit flavors with cookies, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Colorado Girl Scout Cookies Ranked Worst to First

Just for fun I decided to do a Girl Scout cookie taste test - and ranked the cookies from worst to first. Keep in mind, when I say "worst" that in no way means they are bad. Not even slightly. Here is my assessment of the cookies with the rankings to follow of Grand Junction's Girl Scout Cookies - worst to first. My taste test doesn't include the new Raspberry Rally, and the prices listed below are based on 2022 prices.

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