As the holidays creep even closer, we threw a sold-out Christmas Party at the Coast in Fort Collins and it was epic. Scroll down to see the pix from this unforgettable night.

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Christmas at the Coast Pictures

December 7th, 2022 will be a day we won't soon forget as we rocked Downtown Fort Collins with our first-ever Christmas at the Coast. National favs lovelytheband alongside local favs the Timberline and Neighborhood Watch, tore the house down at the Coast in Fort Collins.

NoCo's Christmas At The Coast Was Amazing. See The Pix

In case you missed the show, or even if you were there and just want to re-live this amazing night in NoCo, here are 25+ of our favorite pix from our first-ever Christmas at the Coast.

Do You Remember The Drunken Monkey In Fort Collins, Colorado?

One of the best bars in the history of bars is gone but we'll never forget the Drunken Monkey in Fort Collins, Colorado!

Elton John In Denver Was Fantastic. Here are Some Pix From The Show

Elton John was easily one of the best live shows we've ever seen. What an absolutely legendary performer. Here are about 20 pictures we took at the Ball Arena show in Denver on November 4th, 2022.


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