August was a busy month for the Larimer County Department of Health and their routine health inspections. They had quite a few dining establishments requiring follow-up inspections and one restaurant even temporarily shut down on the spot.

Just a week into September and things have been bit a quieter than last month, but a pair of places you might routinely stop in for a cup of joe did not pass their first try, and both require re-inspections to ensure they've corrected their issues.

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As a reminder, retail food establishments in Larimer County are no longer rated or graded with feedback like "excellent," "good" or "fair." As of Jan. 1, 2020, they are simply allowed up to 49 points worth of violations to "pass." 50-109 points earn them another try at a "re-inspection," and anything over 110 earns them an immediate "closure."

On September 6, both Dutch Bros Coffee on Elizabeth in Fort Collins and Genoa Coffee & Wine on Timberline failed to earn a "pass" designation during their routine inspections.

Each establishment was dinged on its report for relatively common things like food contact surfaces not being properly cleaned and sanitized or for failing to properly regulate temperatures for cold items. They also each earned points for relatively benign infractions like not having properly supplied their hand washing station with paper towels or failing to properly mark perishable items with the correct date.

Most of these issues were corrected by staff on the spot and both will be re-inspected to make sure they continue to practice proper food prep and handling.

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