I've traveled from Grand Junction to Utah many times, but there are many places to stop and beauty along the way. From small towns to rest stops, with many spectacular views.

My husband does not like to stop as you will see in many of the photos I had to snap quickly from the passenger seat. We were traveling to Las Vegas this time as my brother was getting married on April Fool's Day.

The weather was rain, snow, and wind. Typical for early spring in Colorado. There are so many little towns, to take a break, get gas, walk for a minute, then get back on the road.

We usually stay in Mesquite, Nevada. This time we chose St. George, Utah. We had a lovely stay at the Mulberry Inn, which was built in 1873. I highly recommend it. The rooms are huge, and the views from the second floor were great. We stayed in Alice's room. They all have names.

If you plan on driving to Utah, I hope you enjoy these stops and photos along the way. Also, the Painted Pony Restaurant in St. George is fabulous. We survived the wedding in Las Vegas. That is a story for another time.

Places to Stop Between Grand Junction To St. George Utah

Grand Junction Colorado to St. George Utah

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