Montrose real estate is hot right now. You may have noticed a few great-looking homes popping up our website from time to time, and that's because there are just too many homes for sale not to be excited about it. One might call it an embarrassment of riches, at least as far as housing is concerned.

Over on Park Avenue, we've found this quaint little number. With 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, and at a price of just under $400,000, this historic home features some modern improvements that make it a comparative steal when you look at some of the other homes we've featured recently.

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That asphalt roof is brand new, as is the gravel in the RV parking area. Don't like unexpected solicitors? Mesmerize them with the beautiful sunroom so they won't take it personally when tell them to take a hike. With a completely fenced back yard, you'll have plenty of privacy, as well.

The water heater is brand new, too, while the kitchen has also seen its fair share of updates. You'll find plenty of extra space available in the humongous walk-in pantry, and between the large lot and detached garage, I don't imaging you'll have too much issue finding a place to park your vehicles.

Did I mention this home is listed for less than $400,000? I feel like that's a point to press as you take a look through the home, because I've seen much less beautiful spaces available for significantly more money. Granted, I've lived in New York, but you'd better take a look at the listing at before they come to their senses.

Quaint 4-Bedroom for Sale on Park Ave in Montrose Colorado

806 N Park Ave, Montrose, CO 81401

Historic Home in Downtown Montrose

Own a piece of history with this quaint 6-bedroom:

Brand New Ranch Style in Montrose, Colorado.

Just completed. Check it out!

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