Fall weekends are great for heading off-road in Western Colorado. With over 600 miles of off-road trails, a trip to the Rangely or Meeker area is an opportunity to enjoy some of the best OHV trails on this side of the state.

Today we are looking at an Airbnb rental near Rangely, Colorado with room for 5 guests. Check out the photos of this comfy rental that sits near the Cedar Ridges Golf Course in Rangely.

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Where is Rangley, Colorado?

Head north from Fruita/Grand Junction to make your way into dino-country. Use Colorado 139 to make your way up to Rangely. The trip is only about 90 miles and should take less than 2 hours to get there.

Enjoy 600+ Miles of Off-Road Trails

The Wagon Wheel OHV trails near Rangely offer tons of trails to get you off-road. These trails are part of the White River National Forest and the White River BLM. Riders will find 30 interconnecting loops to enjoy all weekend.

This Rangley Airbnb Sits Next to Cedar Ridges Golf Course

Cedar Ridges Golf Course sits next to this Airbnb so if you want to play 18 before you hit the OHV trails you can. In Rangely, you'll find the Auto Museum and the Outdoor Museum. You can visit the ancient ruins of the Canyon Pintado, or enjoy a cold brew at the Main Street Pub. Scroll on to see this Rangely Airbnb in the middle of an off-road paradise.

Enjoy an Exciting Off Road Weekend at this Rangely, Colorado Rental

Enjoy a weekend in Dinosaur country at this Rangely, Colorado Airbnb. Stay close to the 600 miles of designated OHV trails between Rangely and Meeker while staying at this cozy rental with room for 5 guests.

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